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Boy Scout Troop 772
(Silver Spring, Maryland)
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Troop 772

Scouting aims to build character, foster citizenship, faith in God, leadership and develop fitness. Adventure, learning, responsibility - Scouting is this and more. Troop 772, sponsored by St. Andrew Apostle Church, meets almost every Monday night throughout the year in the Multi-purpose room from 7:30 PM till 9:00 PM. The program emphasizes outdoor activities, one per month, such as camping, skiing, caving, and biking. Troop 772 is a boy-run, adult-guided program. Boys must be less than 18 years old, and either have completed fifth grade, received the Arrow of Light award, or be eleven or older.

The Scoutmaster is I. Michael Snyder, who may be contacted at 301 762-2059.

Hiking, Camping, Skiing, Canoing

The troop goes on several hikes and camping trips throughout the year.  Some of the past hikes have been to Old Rag Mountain and Philmont in New Mexico. 

Scout Requirements

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Scout Requirements.pdf  

Troop 772 - Geocaches

Visit Troop 772 - Trail to Eagle starting with Scout (GC2W9W4)!

Troop 772 - Trail to Eagle is a series of Geocaches designed to teach players a little bit about the trail to Eagle, the highest rank in Boy Scouts.

Along the way you will earn colored beads and a lanyard (First Class) to proudly display your finds. As you progress through the ranks, you may need to refer to these beads, Rank Advancement Requirements, the Scout Oath, Scout Law, Scout Motto, Scout Slogan, Outdoor Code, and a few important Merit Badges (Hiking, Geocaching, First Aid, Orienteering, and Wilderness Survival).

Each rank will require a bit more skill and will present some new challenges. You will also find clues to help you achieve (find) subsequent ranks. So, it is recommended, but not mandatory that you find most of these Geocaches in sequence.

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Troop 772 - Trail to Eagle - 1 - Scout.pdf  
Troop 772 - Trail to Eagle - 2 -Tenderfoot.pdf  
Troop 772 - Trail to Eagle - 3 - Second Class.pdf  
Troop 772 - Trail to Eagle - 4 - First Class.pdf  
Troop 772 - Trail to Eagle - 5 - Star.pdf  
Troop 772 - Trail to Eagle - 6 - Life.pdf  
Troop 772 - Trail to Eagle - 7 - Eagle.pdf  
Check the journey of a Travel Bug we found durring Ryan's Eagle Project:
We were the 11th stop (